How To Win Every Battle In Life: The RHHHK Methodology

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The book “How To Win Everything In Life” is an explanation of the “RHHHK methodology” – a tried and tested formula curated by Anshuman Patro. RHHHK can be applied across various areas like Sales, Marketing, Technology, Self Help, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

RHHHK methodology has 5 action points:

  1. Raise your guards and try to diffuse
  2. Hit first
  3. Hit fast
  4. Hit hard
  5. KO

Who should read this book?

  1. Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Managers who want to boost productivity of their team.
  2. Anyone who wants to achieve his/her life goals.

What People have achieved using RHHHK?

  1. In the year 2015, an advertising network was able to increase it’s Increased CTR by 75%.
  2. In the year 2016 a finance company was able to increase client acquisition by 300%.
  3. In the financial year 2016-2017 Anshuman’s own team managed to achieve absolute 0 attrition rate.
  4. In the year 2018 (in a few weeks) one of Anshuman’s client is going to be the first broking house in India to release a cloud based trading application using PWA.


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